COMMUTE (COMposition and MUsic TEchnology) is a festival of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, which focuses on sound, visual and music technology. This spring, the festival is taking place for the third time and for the first time it is possible to follow COMMUTE events online.

Photo by Petri Taivalkoski

26 April 2021, 21:00 UTC/GMT+3

Dreamlike Crossing

Octophonic compositions streamed in binaural. Compositions by Elisa Härmä (FI) ** and electroacoustic ensemble The Aquatrio: Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski (FR), Alejandro Montes de Oca Torres (MX) and Alejandro Olarte (CO) **

PS: Binaural streaming, listen with headphones

VIMEO live stream, 26.04, 21:00 UTC/GMT +3


27 April 2021, from 21:00 for 24h, UTC/GMT+3

Beautiful delay

Audiovisual works by Robi Jõeleht ** (EE), Einike Leppik ** (EE), Karl Korts ** (EE), Hendrik Kaljujärv (EE) ** and Giovanni Albini (IT) & Paul Klooren (EE) 

24 hours VIMEO broadcast starting from 27.04 at 21:00, UTC/GMT +3


28 April 2021, 21:00 UTC/GMT+3


Audiovisual installations presented as virtual exhibition. It will be open until 2nd of May. In co-operation with ARS Art Factory and Kunstihoone

Artists: Matteo Lubian (IT), Edgar Pacheca Ruiz (SP), Anna Vtípilová (CZ), Alireza Farajianhamedani (IR), Natalia Wójcik (PL), Zane Dombrovska (LV), Marcelo Politano (BR), Martin Kirsiste (EE) and Juan Cabrera (SP)

Exhibition Opening, 28.04, 21:00 UTC/GMT +3 Exhibition is open until 02.05


From 29 April to 30 april 2021

Factual gardening **

Site specific audiovisual installation by Henry Kaljujärv (EE)

Multimedia Center, Room D511,
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
(audience limited to academy staff and students, max 4 persons at the same time in the room)


29 April 2021, 21:00 UTC/GMT+3

FlYing Rivers

Compositions by Agita Reke (LV) & Zane Dombrovska (LV) **, Fabrizio Nastari ** (IT), Astra Susi ** (EE), Caspar de Gelmini * (DE) and Marcelo Politano ** (BR)

Performed by ENMT (Ensemble for New Music Tallinn)

VIMEO live stream, 29.04, 21:00 UTC/GMT +3


30 April 2021, 13:00 and 13:30 UTC/GMT+3

feeding the ego **

by Matteo Lubian (IT) for violoncello and live electronics. Violoncello: Mirkuu Mattinen (FI)

vimeo live stream, 30.04, 13:00 and 13:30 UTC/GMT +3


1 MAY 2021, from 21:00 for 24h, UTC/GMT+3


by Svetlana Mar (EE). Radio theatre with animated illustrations based on a magic fairytale **

Sound design and animation: Svetlana Mar. Author of the text: Aleksei Mutovkin. Illustrations – Ksenia Nikkel

Length: approximately 45 minutes

Recommended listening with headphones

24 hours VIMEO broadcast starting from 01.05 at 21:00, UTC/GMT +3


2 MAY 2021, from 21:00 for 24h, UTC/GMT+3

White diary **

by Viktoria Grahv (EE) for two voices, viola, bassoon, tape and video

Recordings for the tape: hurdy-gurdy Meeri Kraas (EE) and viola Kristjan Kannukene (EE)

Performers: Voices Anita Maasalu (EE) and Monika Väliste (EE), viola Anna-Helena Inno (EE) and bassoon Oliver Anni (EE)

Length: approximately 23 minutes

24 hours VIMEO broadcast starting from 02.05 at 21:00, UTC/GMT +3


* Estonian Premiere, ** Premiere